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Twenty seven years ago, Associated Construction Services, Inc., (ACS) was founded by a group of talented people with extraordinary experience in the competitive world of construction:  design, building, renovation, restoration and catastrophe response.  Their leader was Wm. Bruce Reid, a brilliant pioneer in this emerging trade, whose spirit continues to inspire and lead us.

Our website illustrates ACS’ rich history, and the superb nationwide service-platform we’ve created along the way, with both traditional and newly designed assistance options for our clients.

Our work product is considered to be among the best in the industry, and continues to earn high accolades from a discerning clientele that expects accuracy and reliability above all.

ACS takes pride in its attentive customer service and client satisfaction, and we continue to offer a construction forensics formula that’s timeless and effective, trustworthy and smart…a method that has consistently worked well for our clients in the insurance and legal industries for more than two decades.

Whether it’s a high value luxury condominium project or a modest residence, a flooded hospital or mold-infested hotel, a fire-damaged airport hangar or a wind-damaged distribution center, ACS can provide the research and analysis you need for your losses, both large and small. Check out our Experience and Service pages for details.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to working with you as we begin our third decade of excellence in the construction forensics industry.



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