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George Thomas has more than 46 years of experience in the construction industry where he specializes in the building of custom homes, as well as a vast array of commercial building projects via the sole proprietorship of George Thomas Construction. Offices, classrooms, gymnasiums, airport hangars and dormitories are just a few of the projects he has designed, managed and completed.

George’s notable construction expertise is a foundational asset to ACS, Inc., where he has been a valued Senior Construction Consultant since 1997 and currently serves as Vice President.

As a member of the ACS consulting team for losses nationwide, George provides all aspects of construction cost consulting services and analysis, plus technical support and negotiations for leading insurance carriers, adjusters, lenders, a variety of federal, state and local agencies, independent adjusting firms, as well as the legal industry across the U.S., throughout all phases of the adjusting and construction process.

George’s more recent projects have been high value commercial losses. He holds a California General Contractor License, and is certified in Water Damage Restoration as well as Asbestos Awareness Training for first responders.

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